My Netball FAQ

Logging into MyNetball

Everyone who played a season of netball or NetSetGo will have a VNA number (or participant ID) in the MyNetball system. MyNetball now requires the participant “ID” to change from being the VNA number to an email address for all participants. It is important to note that Participant Details, are separate to Logon Accounts.

New Logins – Single Participant:

If you have not logged in to MyNetball before you can register (link below) using the left hand panel – First Time Participant.

This will commence the process of creating a MyNetball Participant ID. You will be asked to enter a current email address which will become the MyNetball login and you will need to have access to activate the link and proceed with the registration process.

Existing MyNetball User – Single Participant

If you know your MyNetball login you can access the right hand panel (above) in the Registration link and proceed with registration for the upcoming season.
If you have forgotten your password or login ID you can search using the link below:-

Changing Existing login from number to email address

Existing Login accounts will remain unchanged and the use of the MyNetball ID will remain but we advise them to change from using their ID to access their accounts can change to email address, by doing the following:

1) Once logged in proceed to Change Your Account Details in the participant menu – accessed by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the participant name at the top right of the page.
2) Execute the convert action as shown below, then follow the instructions as prompted
Add Family Members to the login
To obtain the family discount it is necessary for the family members to be linked to a single MyNetball login email address. To link multiple members to the login follow the procedure below:-
Activate the primary email logon using the procedure above.
To begin the process of linking your accounts, log into your account using your email address as your ID. Locate and open the Link or Unlink Records menu item, as shown below:

You can then search for IDs which share the same email address, to begin the search press the highlighted link (see below).
After the search for other records has been executed, tick the checkbox next to each record you would like to link and press Link Selected Records button
You will be returned to the Linked Participants screen to review your new linked accounts.
NOW that you have linked these accounts, they are accessed and managed by your email login.
As the following shows, you can switch identities once logged in, and manage each individual by selecting their ID in the list.
Once an alternate ID has been select you will notice the Name/ID changes to the selected linked ID , and all menu items are now related to that ID
You can then return to the registration page and proceed with registering each of the participants.


Ensure you are managing the correct profile before undertaking any online learning, as it will be recorded against the ID displayed in the header area. The portal will remember the last user profile used, so make sure you check before actioning changes or subscribing to membership.
Family Discount on Registration
The MyNetball site for St Anthony’s Glenhuntly registrations will automatically apply the family discount where multiple family members are registered using the procedure above when all the participants are registering for the same product (e.g. all Junior players 13-17 year old, or all Senior players or all U11s). Where family members are in separate age groups, (i.e. a Junior player and a Senior player for example) the family discount will not automatically apply. In this instance you can apply the discount manually if you elect to pay via EFT by reducing the amount to be transferred by $10 for the second and subsequent player. If you want to pay your registration by credit card, please contact [email protected] and we will supply instructions on registering 2 or more players using a credit card.